Calypso In-Shore Fishing Adventure

Calypso In-Shore
Fishing Adventure

• REGION: Central Valley
• LOCATION: San José
• LEVEL: Easy
• MINIMUM AGE: 12 years
• DURATION: Full Day Activity
• WHAT TO BRING: Light clothing, sun lotion, hat, sandals, sun glases and bathing suit
• WHAT’S INCLUDED: Transportation, tour guide, equipment and box lunch and 4 to 5 hours fishing

Enjoy fishing around the local islands aboard the 25 ft Mono Congo in search of exciting game fish. The closest fishing grounds are only 5 minutes away from Punta Coral giving you more time to fish. The area has several islands with various reefs and a good current providing the perfect hunting grounds for a variety of game fish. The main target is the hard hitting and great fighting Roosterfish. Around the same area you will also fish for Red Snapper, Grouper, Pacific Sierra Mackerel, Jack Crevalle, Skipjack Tuna and Crocodile Needlefish. If weather and tide permit it is possible to go a little further out to blue water to fish Dorado (MahiMahi) and with luck maybe a Wahoo. All of these fish are available year around but there are seasonal variations.