Irazú Volcano & Hacienda Orosí Hot Springs

Irazú Volcano
& Hacienda Orosí
Hot Springs

• REGION: Central Valley
• LOCATION: San José
• LEVEL: Moderate
• MINIMUM AGE: 12 years
• DURATION: Full Day Activity
• WHAT TO BRING: Hiking shoes, comfortable shoes, sandals, short pants, T-shirt, swimsuit,towel, hat or cap, sunscreen, insect repellet, light jacket & camera
• WHAT’S INCLUDED: Transportation, tour guide, entrance fee and lunch

On the top of the volcano you can observe the main craters and on a clear day Pacific Oceans and Caribbean Sea. As we descend to the city of Cartago we will stop at the Virgin of the Angels Basilica that according to religious custom is a peregrination site for many believers. Surrounded by rainforest and lush vegetation. La Hacienda Orosi has been blessed by mother earth with nascent hypothermal mineral water. These rich springs of mineral hypothermal “telluric” waters (non-agmatic or volcanic), are filtered between the layers of the earth and spring in the middle of the rainforest at more than 65 degrees Celsius.