Natural Night Experience

Night Experience

• REGION: Northern Plains
• LOCATION: Arenal
• LEVEL: Moderate
• MINIMUM AGE: 10 years
• DURATION: Half day
• WHAT TO BRING: Camera, tennis shoes or sports sandals, comfortable clothes and rain jacket or poncho and insect repellent.
• WHAT’S INCLUDED: Transportation, bilingual guide, lanterns and flashlights, bottled mineral water, snacks, traditional Costa Rican dinner and sanctuary entrance fee

We will begin with to the town of La Tigra, where we will meet the Mendez Family. This Traditional Costa Rican family lives off the land and dedicates part of their property for the natural regeneration of plants and animals. On the property, we will take a 600-meter trail alongside a small patch of regenerating forest with water mirrors that facilitate the observation of nightlife such as birds and nocturnal mammals, insects, amphibians, bats, and more. We will walk around the water mirrors until we reach the frog sanctuary, where natural regeneration and reproduction of these species occurs. The sanctuary receives its name due to the large number of frogs that can be observed, like the hammer frog and the bullfrog which are the largest and smallest species in Costa Rica, in addition to the beautiful red-eyed tree frog, and the spectacular little glass frog. After the tour is over, a delicious traditional Costa Rican dinner prepared over a wood-burning stove awaits and it will be accented with the nocturnal lights of the San Carlos plains.