Meetings and Incentives

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While rewarding the efforts accomplished by your group of winners, why not honor yourself, choosing the best Destination Management Company, with more than a decade of experience and the best country with the ultimate" loving cup" of memories and new energy for future success. Destination Costa Rica, with its high-qualified staff is positioned, as the most prestigious and reliable Destination Management Company. A team of experts will carefully plan every detail of the Incentive Travel program of your preference, with the best accommodations and activities. Knowledgeable and experienced tour escorts make the human support an important teamwork leadership!

The most exclusive, deluxe, comfortable and fully air-conditioned, fleet that Destination Costa Rica offers, is the perfect complement for your visit in this unique country.

A variety of special venues are selected to make your event a memorable one. The creativity to modify a local spot into your own private rain forest or take advantage of the unique architecture of our historic Gothic Children's Museum to turn into a Mediterranean Palace with mystique candlelight's and torches atmosphere.

Destination Costa Rica is your perfect choice to royally entertain your winners, knows exactly where to take you to enjoy an exotic gourmet dinner, try the traditional Costa Rican gastronomy, or the large alternative of the International Cuisine.

A seal of touch! Starts with a picture taken of all your guests, placed on a banana hand painted frame, as a gift to remember!!!

Allow Destination Costa Rica provide the best tailor made give-aways made of banana, tobacco or corn recycle, paper....the most up scale and exotic gems...colorful hand crafts... Delicious and Delicate Coffee Chocolates.

Destination Costa Rica will support all the needs of your staff, providing audiovisual equipment, multiple translation service, cellular phones, walkie-talkies and the most important personalized service.

The most professional and friendly staff at your hospitality-desk, will assist with all the services that you require and at time of leisure. Tour-activities, dine around, general information and many other special details to make a memorable trip.
A smile in any Costa Rican will make your day a special one!!!