Sustainable Tour at Don Juan’s Finca

Sustainable Tour at
Don Juan’s Finca

• REGION: Northern Plains
• LOCATION: La Fortuna
• LEVEL: Easy
• MINIMUM AGE: 4 years
• DURATION: Half day
• WHAT TO BRING: Comfortable clothing and shoes, raincoat, camera, insect repellent and Sunscreen.
• WHAT’S INCLUDED: Transportation, tour guide and snacks and lunch.

The general area of the property is approximately 8000 square meters, with good system utilization. At the farm they maintain more than 30 different crops with strict organic techniques, livestock semiestabulado, methane gas production, tilapia and manufacture of organic compounds, including worm farming, bio – fermenter, fertilizers, fruit, and herbs or mixed, among others. Sustainable -farm experience where you can participate harvesting and growing cassava, picking some fresh vegetables, fruits for homemade refreshment, fresh spinach and other necessary ingredients that will be needed to prepare your lunch or dinner and that are organically grown through the concept of sustainability. The tour includes a pass to the digester, where we the cows give milk responsible every day for the cheese and sour cream,also help collaborating with the production of methane gas and fertilizer. Also as a mandatory step is to go to the barn, where process the sugar cane in a mill hand, will also juice, cane in pieces, the kneading and without missing the shot of sugar cane liquor also (adults only).