Sustainable Tourism


Our Mission

Sustainable: To guarantee our clients with the best programs and travel arrangements in Costa Rica, by designing personalized program through our daily activities, we will honor Costa Rica’s idiosyncrasy, casting our image as a top quality company committed to the development of sustainable tourism.

Our Vision

To position ourselves as the leading personalized service Costa Rican tour operator via the design of vacation programs adapted to the likes and preferences of each client that guarantee their satisfaction through excellence in service, the high quality of the products we offer and our formal commitment to being a sustainable tourism company.

DCR respects the privacy and integrity of those involved in the service programs offered by the company and will endeavour in adhering to strict standards when processing personal information and product information. All personal information obtained and kept by DCR will be adequately processed, with caution and in accordance with the established legal guidelines, so as to protect the privacy of the individual.

In line with its commitment to Sustainable Tourism and in accordance with that established by the ICT, DCR will keep absolutely respectful of and proactive in the areas covered by Law 7600, the Sexual Harassment Law, the Sexual Exploitation of Children Law, the National Archaeological Heritage Law, the Wild Life Conservation Law, the Illegal Substance Trafficking and Consumption Law, Forest Law, Environment Law. As well as with the Regulation for the Use of Protected Areas, Adventure Activities and the points covered in the CITES Treaty.

Environmental Practices:

DCR promotes sound environmental practices, establishing practices such as: recycling, energy and water saving, adequate practices in the field (knowledge about carrying capacity regulations, rules for visiting National Parks and reserves) as norms within the company.

The environmentalist activities of DCR are based on the concept of sustainable tourism, whose objective is to follow the guidelines of sound practices on the physical – biological medium, the management of service, the external client and community development. The goal is to reduce the negative effects on the environment during the execution of the services acquired by the client. This is achieved by managing our operations and our supplier network and by incorporating sound practices programs

Our Policies

Destination Costa Rica works to promote respect for national and international conservation policies. We carry out a constant effort to publicize Law No. 7495 of Wild Life Conservation, whose main objective is the protection and conservation of flora and fauna still living in their natural habitats. This effort also concerns the Environmental Organic Law No 7554 and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora – CITES).

Our guides will retransmit this information to our clients so that they may become familiar with the guidelines that exist in our country concerning this field. In this sense, we will establish a strategic image of the country which emphasizes on the efforts which Costa Rica makes to promote conservation of the ecosystems and environmental education. Our wholesalers will also be provided with all the pertinent information so that they can become a part of our effort.

About the Law against the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Destination Costa Rica declares itself a vehement defender of the integrity and Rights of Costa Ricans in general, adults, teenagers, boys and girls, for this reason it will carry out its tourist activities under the strictest guidelines of respect toward Laws No. 8204 of Narcotics, psychotropic substances, drugs of unauthorized use, legitimization of capital and connected activities; No 7476 against Sexual Harassment in the work place and in education and Law No 7899 against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children.

We will divulge among our collaborators, clients suppliers and families that sex with minors in Costa Rica is penalized by jail.

Our message towards collaborators, clients, suppliers and families emphasizes that children and adolescents must never be blamed or held responsible for the acts to which they have been induced or forced into by the exploiters.

We will promote the creation of a “zero tolerance” culture against all forms of exploitation of girls, boys and adolescents,

About the Law against Sexual Harassment in the Work Place and in Education

The company will let its collaborators know the procedure to denounce sexual harassment since the beginning of the work relationship during the stage of induction and will proceed according to that established by the law.

The company will severely punish any sign of sexual harassment towards any person or any situation in which any of its collaborators is affected while working inside or outside the company premises.