Destination Costa Rica was incorporated in March 1991. The founders  had the vision to create a company that would be able to service the needs of the travel community internationally as the destination left its infancy and matured into one of the most desired locations in the Western Hemisphere.

Since operations began, the company has never waived from its primary goals. We are committed to our clients’ travel needs and providing unsurpassed professional service.






We remain acutely aware that, in too many instances, superior service has become the exception rather than the rule. Today’s almost universal zeal to maximize the bottom line is frequently at the expense of quality. The DMC which places high value on service, automatically gains an advantage in today’s competitive market.  Destination Costa Rica is that DMC.

Good management prohibits ignoring the “bottom line.” Being privately owned, our leadership is being provided locally and internationally meaning we remain close to our customers. This allows us to be readily accessible. This also gives us the flexibility to be both innovative and responsive to the ever-changing needs of our clients. Our continued attention to the improvement of our procedures, systems and suppliers has enabled us to provide the value our travelers want and deserve without affecting our level of service.

Since inception, our company has been consistently profitable, highly visible in the community, well respected by our travel partners, financially stable and one of the leading Destination Management Companies in the country. The owners and senior management are keenly aware of our accomplishments. We understand that each day presents new opportunities which our business model has positioned us to achieve; never losing sight of our ongoing responsibilities.

We assume responsibility for the best service at the lowest cost. We cultivate a passion for excellence within our employees, which translates into peak performance on behalf of our clients.

Our goal is to ensure that each client is totally satisfied with their selected program. They enjoy the uniqueness that this wonderful country has to offer.   It is our promise to create an experience so memorable that our clients will not only recommend Costa Rica, but other destinations to associates and friends. They will fall in love with this remarkable country and return to visit more than once.


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