Are you a lover of adventure and tours that test your adrenaline? in Destination Costa Rica you can find the best adventure tours to spend all your energy and enjoy our beautiful country to the fullest, to live an unforgettable experience…

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When nature is spoken, Costa Rica is the paradise, in this small territory you can find 6% of the world’s biodiversity. Costa Rica is considered one of the 20 countries with the greatest biodiversity in the world. Are you going to miss knowing all our forests and lots of nature in the world? …

• Biodiversity     • Nature of the world
• Flora & fauna  • Rainforest & cloud forest
• Hiking lovers   • Waterfalls


The culture abounds in Costa Rica, with all its history and Spanish conquest, you can learn from our traditions, in every corner there is a history to tell, a step back in time to appreciate the beautiful culture that we still keep today, our essence, museums, monuments, sculptures, aboriginal history, pre-Columbian history, emblematic places that are part of the Costa Rica that we have today…

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• Emblematic places      • City tours
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Doing sports has become a daily routine for almost everyone, and why not take advantage of our holidays in a different way while doing sports while having fun and know Costa Rica, with us you can enjoy the best sports tours in all the areas of the country…

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• Fishing  • Snorkeling
• Rafting  • Kayaking


We will take you to the best fishing spots at the region. With the experience gained during thousands of hours fishing our Capitan will make sure you will have an interesting fishing day, and send you to your hotel with the best experience…

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• Fun at the ocean • Sailing
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